Tuesday, June 28, 2011


                                           BIRD FLU
 Over the past few years’ avian influenza, commonly known as bird flu has created a serious threat to the poultry industry as well as to the human in many parts of the world including Bangladesh. When this virus enters the human body, it is known human flu. This virus can spread incredibly rapidly. If a signal bird in a poultry firm is affected by this virus. The other bird can be affected easily. Specialists suggest that the best way is to cull the birds that get infected with the virus and keep them buried safely. They also advice people not to touch the infected birds without any protected things like gloves etc.
 Recently the panic of bird flu has created a serious threat in many countries of Europe and Asia. Some people think that Bangladesh has been affected with this virus because of its association with India in poultry business. However, bird flu has now become a global issue. The developments countries of the world have taken adequate measures to fight against the disease. Till now there is no good medicine to cure this disease. Preventive measures are the best away. Some of the tips are: it is better to eat chickens and eggs after cooking well. After touching chickens it is better to wash hands with warm water. Children who are more vulnerable should be kept away from birds. People who are engaged with poultry business should maintain a good communication with the experts so that they can get immediate help. Hopefully government of Bangladesh has already taken and is taking virus measures to tackle the threat of bird flu.  
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